Robert is a multi-award winning writer/director working across promos, short films and features. His films have screened in over 100 international film festivals including Rhode Island, Short Shorts & Asia (Japan), Montreal and São Paulo International Film Festivals.

Awards include Best Short Film at both the Staten Island and Central Florida Film Festivals and Best of the festival at the Isle of Man, as judged by Mark Kermode. His promo for ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ won best music promo at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. 

He was selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Reykjavik International Film Festival Talent Labs.

Most recently he won the ‘Challenge ALEXA’ shooting package run by DirectorsUK, the resulting short film premiered at the Leeds International Film Festival 2018. 

He is currently developing his first feature. 

Festivals and awards
Short film ‘Special Delivery’
Leeds International Film Festival 2018, World Premiere
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018
Foyle Film Festival 2018
London Short Film Festival 2019

Short film ‘Boris In The Forest’
WINNER, Best Of The Festival (judged by Mark Kermode) Isle of Man 2016
WINNER, Best Screenplay, Cinefantasy International Film Fest 2016
WINNER, Best Comedy, Plymouth Film Festival 2016
WINNER, Best British Film Audience Award, Exposure Short Film Fest  
WINNER, Best Short Film, Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017
WINNER, Best Short Film, Southampton International Film Fest 2016 
WINNER, Best Narrative Short Film, Short To The Point Bucharest 2017

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2015
Montreal World Film Festival 2015
Athens International Film + Video Festival (Ohio, USA) 2016 
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015
London Short Film Festival 2016
LOCO London Comedy Film Festival 2016
British Shorts, Berlin Film Festival 2017
East End Film Festival 2016
Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2016
H.P Lovecraft Film Festival 2016
FilmFest Osnabrück 2016
DeadCENTER Film Festival 2017
L.A Comedy Festival 2018 
Monsters of Film 2017
Big Sur Short Film Festival 2017
Central Florida Film Festival 2016
Long Island International Film Expo 2016
Athens International Short Film Festival, Psarokokalo 2016
Portobello Film Festival 2017
Exit 6 Film Festival 2017
InShort Film Festival 2016
BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Festival 2017
Malta Short Film Festival 2016
Pluk de Nacht 2016
Braunschweig International Film Festival 2016
Reggio Film Festival 2016
Long Beach International Film Festival 2016
Anchorage International Film Festival 2016
MCM London Comic Con 2016
Kort Geschoten Short Film Festival 2016
Lisbon International Film Festival 2016
Comics In Film, Film Festival 2017
Copenhagen Film Festival 2017
Sunderland Shorts 2016
No Gloss Film Festival 2016
Limelight Film Awards 2017
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2017
Unrestricted View Film Festival 2017
The Shortest Nights 2017
Earls Court Film Festival 2017
Hellfire Short Film Festival 2017
Fake Flesh Film Fest 2017
Candid Projection Room 2017
Copper Coast International Film Festival 2018

Short film ‘Blackberry Stains’
London Short Film Festival 2011
Moscow International Film Festival 2010
BUSTER, Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children 2011
Bornshorts, Short film festival, Denmark 2011
Vancouver International Film Festival 2010
L.A International Film Festival 2010
Big Island Film Festival Hawaii 2011
Minghella Film Festival 2011 (UK)
Long Island International film expo 2011
Staten Island Film Festival 2011
Central Florida Film Festival 2010 
Branchage, Jersey International Film Festival 2010
Sacramento Film Festival 2010 
Jacksonville Film Festival 2010
Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2010

Short film ‘Patience’
WINNER, Best Short film, Central Florida Film Festival,
WINNER, Best Short film, Staten Island Film Festival,
WINNER, Best Script, Malta Short Film Festival,
London Short Film Festival, 
Rushes Soho Shorts, 
São Paulo International Film Festival, 
Rhode Island International Film Festival, 
Film Fest Hamburg, 
Short shorts & Asia (Japan), 
Belgrade Short Film Festival, 
Salento International Film Festival, 
BuSho: Budapest Film Festival, 
Newport Beach Film Festival, 
Branchage Film Festival, 
Rome IFilm Festival, 
Edmonton Film Festival, 
Long Island International Film Expo, 
Winnipeg Film Festival, 
West Hollywood Film Festival, 
Philadelphia Film Festival, 
Whistler Film Festival, 
New York United Film Festival, 
Kerry Film Festival, 
Victoria Film Festival, 
Reggio Short Film Festival, 
Film Festival Psarokokalo, 
Bradford Film Festival, 
Aubagne Film Festival(France)

Directing a promo for ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ with Cinematographer Andrew Rodger.

Directing a promo for ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ with Cinematographer Andrew Rodger.